Staying Positive about Getting Rid of Anxiety and Depression

by Wendy Denby

I am trying to do everything I can...eating better, some relaxation, going to a support group, a therapist and a psychiatrist.

When I hear there is hope I feel better, but every day I wake up I feel exhausted and have to push myself to do things and be here for my family. Sometimes I do feel like giving up, but I know that is not the answer. I feel nervous all day. I try to think of other things but the fear is still in the back of my mind. Can you help or give any advice? Thanks...I hope to hear back from you.

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Hello Wendy,

Anxiety is exhausting! It wears on your nerves and causes emotional and physical fatigue. From the sounds of things, you are doing quite a bit to help yourself. This is good, providing you are not feeling overloaded and stressed by doing so much at once.

You are right! Giving up is not an option or the right answer. As long as you keep doing what you need to be doing, you will find balance in life again. I know that right now this may be hard to believe but it's true.

Some very important tips that that helped me overcome my anxiety faster were:

1. Don't stress about the fear that lays in the back of your mind. This fear is there by habit and the more you want it gone, the more it persists and sticks around. Instead, simply recognize it's there but don't get upset about it. The more you become upset by it's presence, the more power you give it in your life. So just accept and float with those thoughts. Don't be overly impressed by them, afterall they are nothing but a symptom of your anxiety disorder.

2. Only do what you can! Do the most important things needed to keep your family going but also decide what can wait. Be absolutely sure that you are making time for YOU everyday. Progressive Muscle Relaxation and visualization are both very important exercises.

3. Encourage yourself again and again! Each time you are thinking discouraging thoughts about your anxiety, give yourself some good encouragement. Yes, it's wonderful to hear hopeful information from others (or perhaps therapy), but it's much more productive when you learn to talk more positively and realistically to yourself. You can create a better habit of thinking by breaking the old through using positive self-talk.

4. Remember that anxiety starts in mind. Your mind has no choice but to believe what you tell it. With anxiety disorders, it believes for the always looks at the negative side of things. Your job is to do the opposite and to "change your mind".

5. Write down at least 10 positive, encouraging things that you can repeat to yourself numerous times each day. Overcoming anxiety is about lots of repetition. As exhausting as this is, it's completely necessary. Try to look at this as if you are exercising your mind. You will be tired, but in a good way!

6. When you are having a hard time encouraging yourself, or if you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. There is always someone who can remind you of the things you should be doing or saying to yourself. :)

Hang in there Wendy - remember...One day at a time! Try to keep yourself in the "present moment". The less you care about the existance of your anxiety, the less of a problem it will be in your life. Anxiety thrives on you wanting it gone.

Acceptance is key here!


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Oct 02, 2016
The best information on anxiety.. hands down!!
by: Mrs.Jones

This is the best site that i have found in my quest to understand and over come anxiety. Everything that I have read speaks to me clearly and I appreciate that this site understands and has such good insight on what people with anxiety go through. Self talk for worry is great! I wrote down all of them to retrain my mind to think more posting and do less you state it's not easy but with repetition and positive thoughts, it can happen. Thanks so much for the awesome site with so much helpful information. I hope other people with this anxiety disorder find your site, they will be so happy and enlightened about ways to help retrain their minds to stop the worry and anxiousness and to live life to the fullest. Thank you very much for hope.

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