Worrying/Doubting Relationship

Hi I wonder if you can help me. For the last two weeks I have suddenly starting feel really anxious and panicky. Im not really sure what triggered it but I'll have a couple of days of feeling normal and then it starts up again. I keep having these thoughts that maybe its because I don't want to be with my partner anymore. I've been with him for 4 years and everything was great, no arguments or problems. everything was just going really well as normal and then suddenly I started feeling like this and now I doubt my feelings for him. on the days when I feel 'normal' I dont have any of these thoughts and I feel happy as usual and thinking about our plans, how important he is to me etc. but when I start feeling anxious, the doubts start and they just go over and over like a broken record in my head for a day or more at a time before a phase of feeling 'normal'. I've got a drs appointment in a weeks time to try and work out whats going on. I get really panicky and scared when I contemplate breaking up with him. I know that would make me more miserable and I would regret it.

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Feb 01, 2013
Obsessive Scary Thoughts?
by: Susan

Hi There!

From the sounds of it, you are anxious and panicky when contemplating doing something you don't want to do... to me, this sounds like a classic case of obsessive scary thoughts!

Many times in these situations, the core fear is the fear of "losing control".

So, my question is this... what are you feeling "out of control" of in your life? Usually the anxiety will focus on certain thoughts to distract you from looking at what's truly bothering you.

Sometimes, anxiety is a sign that something in our lives has to change. Change can be so scary that people would rather avoid it rather than face it. Avoidance isn't good either because it keeps people stuck and from growing in their personal lives.

Always be truthful with yourself!

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