General Anxiety Disorder

by George Mckey
(McAllen, Tx)

I cannot find an answer why I got anxiety and panic attacks. I got them "out of the blue".
It's not fear to someone or something but it's fear at the sensations you feel when you get anxiety or a panic attack.
I lost my job 2 years ago and I was not able to get any type of help.
Finally saw a doctor in my county but it didn't
help that all because he only gave me klonopin. Now I have another problem with the medication - that makes feel drugged all day long and very tired. And what really sucks is that the doctor never told me about the withdrawal side effects and that it is dangerous to quit cold turkey. I just feel my life is over, cannot find a job with this problem and the drug makes things worse.
I still feel anxiety, and what is worse... to go places especially if they are crowded. Usually people do not understand this type of mental illness, so I feel I am doomed.

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Mar 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

There are many causes for panic and anxiety, many times it is a combination of factors. (Biology, environmental factors, thought process, or even nutrition) However, be encouraged, with therapy, anxiety and panic are treatable, with a very high success rate.

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