Deep Breathing Technique

My favorite breathing technique that is most effective for relieving stress and promoting relaxation is called, The Deep Breathing Technique.

Other names for this technique are diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing, and balloon breathing.

This technique emphasizes on the full use of the diaphragm and is also an easy exercise for those looking to relieve stress, and control the anxiety they feel on a daily basis.

The deep breathing technique, when practiced regularly, will help create the automatic breathing response that is needed during stressful events and situations. It is useful in promoting a calm mind and body.

Since stress, and anxiety produce breathing patterns that usually result in shallow breathing there is no question why the mind and body begin to feel so poorly. Both under-breathing and over-breathing produce physical symptoms that are anxiety provoking. The deep breathing technique is used to help you balance out your breathing and restore the natural breathing method you were born with.

  • Lie comfortably flat on a bed or floor mat.
  • Support your head and neck with a comfortable pillow. Support your knees by placing a support under them as well. You can use a small pillow or a rolled up towel.
  • Place one hand on your abdomen, right below your ribs, and the other hand on your chest. This is to ensure that you are breathing from the right place. Your focus for this breathing technique will be on your abdomen.
  • Breathe deeply in through your nose so that your stomach is pushing up against your hand.
  • As you exhale, breathe out through your mouth while you tighten your abdominal muscles so that you feel like you are pulling your belly button into your back.
  • Repeat this method for approx. 10-20 minutes, a few times each day.

When you become used to this technique and feel you have mastered it, you can pretty much do it anywhere, at anytime. Many people use this method while at work sitting at their desk.

Remember, deep breathing is mindful breathing. Be sure to focus on your breathing when you are doing it. Imagine yourself breathing out all the stress inside of you when you exhale and then imagine yourself breathing in peace and calm upon taking new breaths. A little visualization goes a long way!

Video Presentation - The Deep Breathing Technique

This is probably the best video presentation I have found on explaining the deep breathing technique. This video explains exactly what the mind and body go through as a result of improper breathing.

This video may take a few minutes to load - be patient, it's worth watching!!

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