GABA for Anxiety

GABA for anxiety, also known as gamma amino-butyric acid, is an amino acid that is naturally manufactured in the brain.

This particular amino acid acts like a neurotransmitter, therefore, helping to keep a healthy chemical balance in the brain.

When under times of chronic stress and anxiety, GABA can become depleted and the can cause the chemicals necessary for proper brain function to misfire. This can result in anxiety, insomnia and even panic attacks.

There are many things we can do to promote the production of GABA in our brains. Along with cognitive-behavioral therapy methods, many use supplements to promote relaxation and to promote a restful sleep. Relaxation and sleep are important things that help produce proper brain function.

Want to know more about GABA?

One of my favorite websites has a great information page on GABA for anxiety. Not only do they share what it is, but they also share the health benefits, guidelines for use, and the recommended dosage information.

For this information, please visit Article on GABA

GABA supplements

GABA, gamma amino-butyric acid, supplements come in many different forms. Common forms are powder and chewable. Many take this supplement under the tongue because it is know to absorb faster this way.

It's important that you understand that in order to metabolize any amino acid, you need at least 10mg of B6 per day.

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