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Laughter is the Best Medicine

It has been said for decades that laughter is the best medicine, and there is enough scientific proof to make this true in many different ways today.

Laughter is a powerful stress management tool. This tool can help you combat the negative effects of stress and help you overcome your anxiety and depression.

Here are some facts that make laughter worth investing in.

Here are some ideas that will help you maintain a sense of humor.

1. Don't take life so seriously all the time- Learn to laugh it off and realize "this too shall pass".

2. Visualize the silly - Use your imagination to increase your giddy side! Share your imagination with others.

3. Smile - A simple smile has been scientifically proven to change the chemicals in your brain. Smiling alone can release endorphins.

4. Hang with your most positive friend who loves to laugh - Being with a friend who loves to laugh increases the probability of laughter. Laughter is contagious!

5. Watching funny movies, shows or even funny video clips on YouTube - Your options are endless here!

6. Read funny books, magazines or even visit websites based on humor.

7. Turn your sarcasm into funny sarcasm - Sometimes our frustration can easily be turned into light hearted laughter. All we need to do is adjust our attitudes.

8. Dance to fun music - If you have kids, dance with them! Sometimes being silly with your children can totally relieve the pressure of everyday life. Don't just watch your kids be silly and have fun but join them!

9. Join a laughter Club - yes, they actually exist! With a little research you could find one in your area.

10. Try Laughter Yoga - Oprah did a segment on this and it's all the rage. Although it's not for everyone, I can see how the ridiculous can make you laugh!

It's important to note that the act of laughter alone produces positive changes in the brain. You don't need to feel humorous in order for it to work. In fact, these actions alone, if done long enough and practiced over time and with the right attitude, can produce feelings of happiness and joy. Remember feelings are always an end result of what we do and what we tell ourselves.

You can help build protection for your mind and help to sustain good mental health with laughter. Sometimes it just begins with a simple smile! Remember smiles are contagious, so smile at others and be generous with them.

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