List of Human Emotions:
Positive and Negative

When it comes to a list of human emotions, they can easily break down into two main categories, positive and negative.

A positive list of human emotions may include:

  • Joy, Happiness, Contentment, Euphoria, Love, Amusement, Excitement, Adoration, Hopefulness, Cheerfulness, etc.

A negative list of human emotions may include:

  • melancholy, Sadness, Hopelessness, Hate, Despair, Insecurity, Humiliation, Rejection, Unhappiness, Aggrivation, Depression, Sadness, etc.

Of course these lists can go on and on, but I think you get the idea!

No matter what list of human emotions we are experiencing at this current moment or in the future to come, they are sure to have a profound effect on the way we feel and experience life, as well as the circumstances and situations that surround us.

It is important to stay on top of our negative list of human emotions because they have the potential to become destructive to ourselves. Our emotional wellness is important to both mind and body and it's worth the effort it takes to keep it healthy.

The negative list of human emotions has a profound effect on our emotional wellness. Therefore, it's very important to learn effective ways to deal with these emotions.

Controlling Anger - an emotion that can become all-consuming. If not dealt with properly, it can cause physical illness or even result in emotional or physical harm of you or another.

Dealing With Grief - the pain of losing something valuable to you. It could be anything. Perhaps a good friendship, a marriage, a loved one, or even loss of good health due to illness or disease. Loss is the main reason for grief. If not dealt with properly, this emotion can turn into despair and deep depression can result.

Perfectionism - this emotional issue can leave you feeling inadequate and unsatisfied with life. Perfectionism is a self-sabotaging emotion. The truth is that no one is perfect, so when we try to be perfect, we are trying to reach an unreachable goal. This emotion usually leads into other emotions such as frustration.

Dealing With Guilt - this non-productive emotion can really cause much distress in those experiencing it. Guilt is an emotion that we adopt due to the things we say to ourselves. Sometimes, we allow the words of others to make us feel this way too. Guilt usually causes people to make decisions they wouldn't normally make. Guilt is self-defeating and it thrives off of not living up to your own or another's expectations.

You Are Not Alone

It's important to realize that we all suffer and go through hard times. Unfortunately, this is part of the human condition. We are never alone in our humanity. Someone else is also experiencing what you are experiencing. Many times someone else has it much worse. Take the time to reach out for help if you need it. There are a great number of resources, such as books, local group meetings, etc. Find out what is available in your area and take advantage of those things.

Don't be afraid to seek professional help if you need it, especially if your list of human emotions is mainly negative. You won't be the first one in this world that needed help. Sometimes people need extra help in getting to a place where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes our emotional wellness suffers and talking to someone is a great way to promote good health.

Some of the most painful emotions can really effect how you deal with life and the many decisions you will make about your future. So many people are stuck with these negative emotions. They don't know how to make good decisions because they don't know how to look at things in a more realistic, truthful way.

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