Photography for Stress Management

Photography for stress management is a great way to relieve stress and promote good mental health. This particular stress management skill allows you to place your focus outside of yourself. Photography is a creative and fun hobby that can help distract you from the stress, anxiety, and depression you may be feeling.

The more time you invest into a stress management skill, such as photography, you are being proactive in promoting and maintaining a healthy mind. People love to photograph just about everything. I don't know about you, but some of my favorite things to photograph are sunsets and beaches. Just the action itself of seeking out the perfect sunset or beachfront so I can get the best possible picture, really takes my mind off the stressors of the day and allows me to have fun and be in the presence of something I absolutely love.

Below are a few favorite stress relief pictures. Photography is a stress management skill that can be enjoyed for many years to come.




It is any wonder why people love photographs that are beautiful and serene? Just looking at these alone and visualizing being there produces those good feelings inside, and creates more positive brainwaves.

Mental Health Benefits of Photography

  • Helps Us Connect With Others - When we connect with others and are able to share similar experiences it gives us a sense of knowing that we are not alone. When we struggle with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression or other mental health issues, photography can bring people together and help eachother share things in common.

  • Brings Us Into the Present Moment - Using photography for stress management help us to be more involved in the "here and now". It helps us to focus on whatever it is we are photographing and allows us to take a mental break from our stressful imaginations and the anxious life situations we may be experiencing. It helps us limit our outside distractions and helps us to practice mindfulness.

  • Helps Us Express Ourselves - Gives us the ability to express ourselves in a way that is unique to us, photography is an art form and has the ability to help others see what we see and maybe even help others to look at the world differently

  • Allows Us To Document our Memories - Through the good times and bad times, photography gives us a way to keep our memories alive. As a means of journaling with photos, we can able to look back and remember times, maybe even what we were thinking or feeling when we took the picture.

  • Keeps Us Busy - Photography gives us something positive to do. When mental health suffers, getting outside of ourselves and into action is a positive step through activity. It helps us to move our bodies and think outside of those negative spaces.

  • Gives Us The Capability to Build Some Self-Confidence - Photography gives us an opportunity to share what we know with others. When we are able to teach others, or benefit them in some positive way - it give us a sense of self-confidence. When we are able to help others, we end up helping ourselves see that we are able to use our lives for the benefit of others.

  • Photography Options For Beginners

    It doesn't take alot of money nowadays to enjoy the art of photography. Most people use their cell phones to take pictures and some cell phones have excellent quality cameras built in. Granted, it's not the same as a real professional camera, but still very good!

    However, there are some fantastic camera packages available for the person who wants to learn more about photography such as the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle w/ Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 is II Lens + 2pc SanDisk 64GB Memory Cards, Wide Angle Lens, Telephoto Lens, 3pc Filter Kit + Accessory Kit

    Do you use photography to manage stress?

    Do you enjoy photography for stress relief? We want to know! Feel free to share your favorite stress-less photos that bring you good vibes along with a story on how it brings you feelings of peace and calm. Your submissions MUST BE YOUR OWN!

    Share Your Favorite Stress-Less Photos!

    Do you have a favorite photo that you want to share with our readers? Maybe you have a camera recommendation? Share it today and tell us something about it. Let us encourage and inspire one another through our photography.

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