Reading Reduces Stress

Did you know that reading reduces stress? Well, it's true! Psychologists say the reason reading reduces stress has everything to do with the fact that the mind has to concentrate on reading and the distractin alone eases tension in both the muscles and the heart (the most important muscle of all). According to studies, it has been shown that reading even just a short time each day we can reduce our stress levels by 68%. Reading also makes you smarter as it fills the brain with knowledge, builds a better memory, improves writing skills, and increases vocabulary. A great reason why reading is so important especially in the early childhood years.

Reading is an excellent relaxation technique that is good for your overall health.

  • Reading Provides a Healthy Escape - Reading not only acts as a distraction from the outside stressors we face, it actively engages the mind and requires our full attention. When full attention is given to whatever it is we are reading, our mind cannot think about those things that are causing us stress. It works almost like taking a mini-vacation of the mind.

  • Reading Helps Us Identify With Others - When we read, we get the opporunity to learn and identify with others. Many times we can see that we are not alone and share in the ideas and thoughts of the writer.

  • Reading Helps Us Grow In Empathy & Understanding - Reading also opens our minds to what it might be like for someone living in a different place, with different experiences and can help us have empathy, compassion for others who may be living a different life experience, it can help us see different perspectives we wouldn't otherwise think or consider.

  • Hard Time Reading?
    Here are some helplful Tips!

  • Read Something You Enjoy - Whether a book, a magazine, a favorite blog that you frequent online - It doesn't matter what you read, what matters most is that you enjoy what you are reading. Everything from Science Fiction to Biographies, Self-Help books to Romance Novels, there is something for everyone of any interest and level.

  • Be Patient - If you feel you have a hard time concentrating due to prolonged stress, anxiety or depression it's okay. The best thing you can do is to be patient with yourself. When people struggle with anxiety or depression they are usually very distracted by their anxious, depressive thoughts. You want to look at your reading experience as a practice opportunity for improving your reading skills. As hard as it is to concentrate, simply keep reading. Only through practice and more reading does a person get better with speed and comprehension.

  • Read Out Loud - Another great tip to help reduce stress and increase your reading skills is to read to others out loud. Whether to a child, a grandparent, or even a friend or spouse, each time you read to someone else you are engaging your mind to become a better reader with better mental focus.

  • Make Special Time Each Day - Take the time each day to plan your "deeper" reading exercises. A great time for reading is when you are not stressed for time or pressured to get it done. Many people choose to read before bedtime and this helps induce relaxation and prepares them for sleep.So often, parents read to their children before bed too. Choosing to read before bedtime helps take the mind off any stressors that may be floating around and just brings us into a new place.

  • Read Throughout The Day - Okay so this may sound difficult especially if you are busy at work or home; However, knowing that it only takes about 6 minutes (according to studies) to make a huge difference in your stress level, why not give it a try? Taking a time out to read a short article in a magazine, or while you are waiting at the dentist for an appointment, these moments are great moments for reading!

  • What's Your Favorite Way to Read?

    Many people carry cell-phones these days making it easy to read anything, anytime, at your fingertips. But, for so many people there will never be a replacement for the old paperback or hardcover books.

    Thanks to technology we have some really cool reading tools. One of the best tools for reading is the Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8" display and adjustable warm light – Black. This is most loved by avid readers! This tool is known for it's internet capability that allows you to download thousands of books in many different file formats. With so many file formats out there, the Kindle can read almost all of them, and if you have a file that it cannot read, will convert it for free! The internet offers hundreds of free e-books that you can easily download and take with you anywhere, anytime.

    One FREE E-book that everyone should have a copy of is As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. This book is an old classic and free to download to read anywhere, anytime. For those who suffering with stress, anxiety, depression or even obsessive, negative thinking, this book is for you! Check it out today and be sure to share with those you love & care about. The idea that we have older books like this available for FREE and to ALL people everywhere is such a gift.

    What Are You Reading?

    Are you reading to relieve stress? If so, what are you reading? Do you have any tips to make for a more relaxing reading experience? Tell us about it!

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