Self Talk for Anxiety and Panic

What does your self talk for anxiety and panic sounds like? Do you even know what to say to yourself before, during and after?

When dealing with an anxiety or panic disorder it's very important that you understand that what you say to yourself will have a huge impact on your recovery.

If your self talk is negative and self-defeating, chances are almost guaranteed that anxiety and panic will always be an issue for you.

Since what you say when you talk to yourself will determine your overall outcome, it is extremely important that you make sure your self talk is positive and truthful.

Remember, with self talk it does not matter if you believe what you are telling yourself or not. The brain has a job and that job is to believe what you tell it. Although you may not feel the effects of these new statements right away, with patience, persistence, and a lot of repetition...within a few weeks you will notice a big improvement in how you see yourself and your anxiety and panic.

Try repeating these statements to yourself 15 minutes, twice a day. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Do this for a few weeks and you'll be surprised at the difference it will make.

You can also record yourself saying them aloud into your recorder on your computer or even through your cell phone. Then replay them to yourself instead. The brain cannot tell the difference and it will accept the information you are giving it regardless of whether or not you believe it. It will put this new information directly into the subconscious mind.

Self talk for anxiety and panic should sound something like this:

  • A panic attack will not hurt me.
  • When I am anxious, I will slow down and accept the way I am feeling.
  • I no longer hurry through anxious situations or feelings.
  • I am able to feel the fear and do it anyways.
  • It is not my surroundings that make me feel the way I do, it is my own self talk that causes anxiety and panic.
  • More than ever, I pay attention to the way I talk to myself.
  • I no longer accept negative thinking as part of who I am.
  • When I notice negative thoughts coming into my mind, I quickly let these thoughts go and replace them with truthful, positive thoughts.
  • I understand that as soon as panic comes, it leaves all by itself.
  • I understand that these feelings cannot hurt me.
  • Panic is distressing but never dangerous.
  • Should I panic or feel anxious, I will remind myself that I am strong and capable.
  • I no longer run from these scary feelings. Instead I accept them for that they are and nothing more.
  • I will not lose control or go crazy. I am in control of myself and the thoughts and choices I want to make.
  • I am choosing to accept how I feel and not run from it anymore.
  • I am okay. I am normal and I am working on building a stronger, more confident self than ever before.
  • If panic comes, I will use my relaxation breathing methods and I will allow it to come and I will not fight it.
  • I accept how I feel no matter what. My feelings will not hurt me.
  • When I am feeling anxious or panicky, I will focus all my energy on the "here and now".
  • I will stay in the present moment and notice everything good around me.
  • I do not care what others may think of me. I am allowed to be me without apology, guilt or shame.
  • Each time I panic and accept it, I am training myself to overcome it.
  • I am proud of myself and my accomplishments, no matter how small.
  • I am calm, positive, confident and self-assured.
  • What I feel in my body when I am anxious are only normal feelings that are exaggerated. They do not mean anything else is wrong or that something bad is going to happen.
  • My body is only bluffing me when I am anxious or panicky. I will let go and not fight these feelings.
  • Fighting anxiety and panic will only provoke more anxiety and panic. I no longer fight them but instead I welcome them.
  • I am confident and I am getting stronger everyday.
  • When I notice panic creeping in, I will make my body limp, accept and float with it.
  • I remind myself often that I am okay and doing well. I am healthy and strong.
  • When I notice anxiety or panic, I immediately and deliberately focus all my attention on things outside of myself. I notice others and their own humanity and imperfections. I sympathize with others.
  • I am not losing my mind, anxiety is a liar. That is a fact.
  • I will not entertain "what if" thinking unless it is positive and encouraging for me.
  • I will persevere and do whatever it takes to overcome this anxiety and panic. I take full responsibility for myself and my own recovery.
  • I no longer avoid situations because of the way I am feeling.
  • I have the power to control the thoughts I want to think. I think what I choose to think. If I don't like my thoughts, I can change them.
  • I no longer choose thoughts that negative or self-defeating. Instead I choose thoughts that are encouraging and helpful to me.
  • I am no longer afraid of anxiety or panic. They will not hurt me.

Okay, so there you have it! Some great positive self talk for anxiety and panic statements. Of course, you can do your own or even change these around to suit you and your situation more personally.

Not sure how to write your own self talk for anxiety and panic statements? It's simple....if you know the most common negative thoughts that you think during anxiety and panic, then you can base your new thoughts off of those, only you write statements that are truthful and encouraging instead.

Self Talk for Anxiety and Panic in Printable Format

To make things even more convenient for you, I have put these statements into a PDF file, so you can print them out and take them with you anywhere and practice them at any time.

To print this page, simply click Self Talk for Anxiety and Panic File to open and then choose print. To save this file, right click the file and choose "save as" to your desktop.

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