Self Talk for Depression
Creating a Healthy Mind for Life

Using positive self talk for depression is an effective way to cope and even recover from this debilitating disorder.

Depression has a history of creating catastrophes in the mind. This keeps your mind focused on negative thinking and also aids in the spiral down into those deep, dark places where depression likes to dwell.

Self talk for depression must always be truthful, validating, positive and encouraging. Since depression causes low self image, it is important to reduce all negative thinking and critical self talk.

When it comes to depression, self talk is extremely important, especially since our thoughts influence how we feel emotionally and physically. Depression enables you to become your own worst enemy. Most times, we would never talk to others the same way we talk to ourselves.

Recognize Automatic Negative Thoughts

It is important to recognize all automatic negative thoughts. These are the thoughts that come naturally to a depressed mind. They are usually thoughts like: "I am not good enough, I am not beautiful, nobody loves me, things won't ever change, etc." Any thought that consumes your mind and brings forth negative feelings are considered negative thoughts.

If you are unsure what these thoughts are, you can take time each day to get in touch with your subconscious mind through journal writing. Journaling can help you get in touch with those thoughts. When you write them down, you will notice which thoughts persist the most and which thoughts need to be addressed right away.

If you don't have a notebook or a journal and don't want to blog online, be sure to print up a Journal Entry worksheet for your convenience.

What Should Self Talk for Depression Sound Like?

Since depressed thinking and negative self talk is based on ones own personal perception, there is no "one fits all" self talk for depression. Therefore, you must customize your new self talk according to your own automatic negative thoughts that are already there.

Once you have identified your automatic negative thoughts, you can dispute those thoughts by asking yourself, "Is this thought true?" Be honest with yourself by writing down replacement thoughts that are truthful, and more encouraging. Although, you do not want to deny how you are thinking or feeling, the goal is to be more realistic and optimistic in your approach.

Self talk for depression should sound something like this:

Remember, our thoughts determine how we feel and how we act. Keep your thoughts right and watch what happens! I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results of positive self talk for depression.

"As a man is he." - Proverbs 23:7

Self Talk for Depression in Printable Format

To make things even more convenient for you, I have put these statements into a PDF file, so you can print them out and take them with you anywhere and practice them at any time.

To print this page, simply click Self Talk for Depression File to open and then choose print. To save this file, right click the file and choose "save as" to your desktop.

Won't open? Free Adobe Reader® can open this file.

For a pre-recorded MP3 of this Self Talk for Depression File, Then be sure to visit Self Talk MP3 Downloads

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