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Self Talk for Worry

Do you know proper self talk for worry? If you worry a lot, then you know that worry is bad habit! If you do it enough, you will be so good at it, that you will do it automatically, even without trying. After all, this is how habits are created, through an enormous amount of repetition.

If you are a worrier then you know all too well how unproductive it is. You can actually make yourself physically sick by worrying. As much as the worrier wants to change this bad habit, all too often the habit stays because many do not know how to change it.

This section is meant to give you some clear self talk for worry statements that you can use to help you overcome your bad habit of worry.

Remember, as listed in the Positive Self Talk section, it is best to repeat these statements to yourself aloud for at least 15 minutes, twice a day. It works best when you do it once in the morning and once at night, however, if you can't do that, do what works best for you.

You can also record yourself saying them aloud into your recorder on your computer or even through your cell phone. Then replay them to yourself instead. The brain cannot tell the difference and it will accept the information you are giving it regardless of whether or not you believe it. It will put this new information directly into the subconscious mind.

You do not have to believe these thoughts right now. They may even be hard to believe, but the brain has one job and that is to accept what you are telling it. This means it will accept this new programming and anything else you choose to say to yourself. It truly is about you having full control over the thoughts you want to think.

Self talk for worry should sound something like this:

Okay, so there you have it! Some great positive self talk for worry statements. Of course, you can do your own or even change these around to suit you and your situation more personally.

Self Talk for Worry in Printable Format

To make things even more convenient for you, I have put these statements into a PDF file, so you can print them out and take them with you anywhere and practice them at any time.

To print this page, simply click  Self Talk for Worry File to open and then choose print. To save this file, right click the file and choose "save as" to your desktop.

Won't open? Free Adobe Reader® can open this file.

For a pre-recorded MP3 of this Self Talk for Worry File, Then be sure to visit Self Talk MP3 Downloads

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