Free Self Talk Mp3 Downloads

Using the principles taught in What to Say When you Talk To Yourself , I have created the following free self talk mp3 downloads for your convenience.

To download these free files, simply right click the file of your choice and save to your desktop.

** if the link you want isn't available yet, be sure to check back frequently or subscribe to this page to get automatic updates when new ones have been added. Visit the RSS link at the top right hand side of this page!

Making your own Self Talk MP3's

Since no personal self talk is exactly alike, it's sometimes very important to customize your own self talk statements to fit your personal needs. You can do this by creating your own self talk MP3's.

There are FREE programs available for download that you can use to create your own projects. An easy one to use is called Audacity. If you struggle with learning new programs, there are numerous online tutorials for this program. If you do a search YouTube on for Audacity tutorials, you'll be surprised of all the free support that is available to you.

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