Practice Words of Affirmation - Step 7

Welcome to step 7! This step focuses solely on using words of affirmation to encourage yourself and others.

The goal of this step is to get you into the healthy habit of using more positive, truthful statements when talking to yourself or other people.

When you are suffering with stress, anxiety or depression it is very common for negative thoughts to come easily and almost instantly. It is also easy to be cynical as well as pessimistic.

However, when you deliberately practice using positive words of affirmation you will help yourself break the cycle of negative thinking and create a more positive habit of thinking for yourself.

Not only can you use positive words of affirmation on yourself but you can also use them on other people by seeking out and spotting negative remarks, comments, and statements that people make on a regular basis. You do this by helping them to see their situation in a more positive, truthful light.

When you practice doing this to yourself and others around you, you will quickly begin to notice just how much negativity we are surrounded by and influenced by in our lives.

Regardless of this fact, through using positive words of affirmation, you will be able to create a better world for that is not all "doom and gloom", but one that is more positive, realistic and optimistic.

By doing the work in this step, you are literally encouraging the production of good brain chemicals, which are those feel good chemicals that are responsible for making you feel good inside, such as serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine. Best of all, you get to learn now to stop being your own worst enemy.

When you practice positive words of affirmation on yourself and others, you will begin to feel the effects of this in your mind and body.

One thing that helps a lot to get you into this new habit is to write down encouragement quotes that combat your automatic negative thoughts. These encouragement quotes will work well as your new words of affirmation.

Step 7 Actions:

1. Make time to encourage yourself. Encourage a friend, or find an online community where you can encourage someone else that is going through something similar.

2. Plan a time to enjoy yourself! Make yourself a priority!

3. Practice your relaxation breathing. You can do this anywhere or anytime and as often as you like.

4. Keep moving forward, taking steps to face your challenged situations. Affirm yourself!

5. Continue to eat right and drink enough water (Include natural supplements if necessary).

6. Spend approx. 10-20 minutes each day on your choice of isometric or progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

7. Spend 20 minutes each day on aerobic or strength and toning exercises. These exercise the heart, as well as the muscles and they also help burn excess adrenaline.

8. Write in a journal each day (preferably before bedtime). Don't pressure yourself, just write whatever comes to mind. Use the Journal Entry Worksheet if you don't have a journal.

9. Do the Positive Thought Replacement worksheet at least once a day. If your thoughts are running rampant and going through a particularly hard time, it helps to do this worksheet as many times possible throughout the day. As silly as this feels, it is very important that you do not skip this exercise.

10. If you are struggling with obsessive thinking, take the time each day to practice visualization exercises and thought stopping exercises.

9. When you get into a great habit of encouraging yourself and others, it's time for Step 8.

Do not move forward until you are ready!

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