Types of Stress
What They Are and How They Effect You

Many don't realize that there are different types of stress that have characteristics of their own. Mostly everyone knows what stress is but many do not understand the different types. Read and see what type of stress applies to you.

Positive Stress

This type of stress helps to keep life exciting and keeps us enthusiastic. Some examples of life events where you might experience this type of stress are getting married, having a baby, and even winning the lottery! You may even feel this type of stress right before a public performance or right before you participate in a sport.

It is this stress that keeps life exciting and fulfilling. However, it's important to recognize that too much stress of any kind isn't good for you and this includes positive, healthy stress.

Positive stress, although it's a good stress, can still wear down your body. If you are not careful and you ignore this part, you could easily fall into a negative category of stress. So be good to yourself by pacing yourself and taking breaks when you need them.


This type of stress has two forms, acute and chronic. This type of stress is entirely negative. Acute distress is usually from an immediate change or disruption to life's normal routine. Such as an unexpected death of a loved one or a job loss. Chronic distress is usually from stress that is prolonged for extended periods of time. Chronic distress is caused by experiencing the symptoms of pain, misery, grief, suffering, etc. for extended periods of time.

It is crucial that the person suffering from distress get help as soon as possible. Not only is it important to take vitamins and follow a stress management plan that is comfortable for you, but it's also important to talk to your family physician. Don't be afraid to talk to someone!

Stress Overload

This type of stress is caused by overload. An overworked, overburdened lifestyle can cause this type of stress. It is not uncommon for people suffering with stress overload to be short tempered. It's important to realize that this type of stress does not happen overnight. Prolonged overburdened workloads contribute to this type of stress.

Most times this type of stress can be avoided. In situations where it can't, it's important to find help any way you can. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Respect yourself enough to slow down and listen to your body.

Boredom Induced Stress

This type of stress comes from an under-stimulated lifestyle. Boredom is the most common culprit. It's amazing to think that doing nothing at all can cause this type of stress. and this type of stress is real and if experienced long enough can cause a person to fall into distress.

Becoming proactive by finding something of interest and excitement helps. Find time to discover what you are good at, what you enjoy and focus on those things. You don't have to stay bored! DO something! Anything that is different and provokes challenge.

All these different types of stress are very real. Too much stress of any kind isn't good for you. It is important to use your stress management skills to stay balanced and healthy.

What type of stress do you have?

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