The Biggest Causes of Stress
What's Yours?

For the most part, the biggest causes of stress depends on the individual and the stressors they have in their life.

What's the biggest cause of stress in Your life?

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Stress can either be good or bad. Stress doesn't always have to be bad in order for it to negatively effect the mind or body. Too much of any kind of stress isn't good for you.

Some examples of of good stress may be winning the lottery, buying a house, having a baby or even getting married. Examples of bad stressors may include the death of a loved one, sickness, losing your job or your home. Either way, stress is stress and any kind (good or bad) of prolonged experience will bring you physical and mental challenges.

Recognize These?

Here are some of the biggest causes of stress. You might even recognize them in your own life or in the lives of those you love.

All these stressors can be classified as one of the four types of stress, which are positive stress, distress, stress overload and boredom induced stress.

Prolonged Stress Effects the Body and Mind

When your biggest cause of stress is experienced for a prolonged period of time, it most certainly will begin to effect your body and mind in negative ways.

It's important that you understand and educate yourself on:

Although you may be experiencing one of the biggest causes of stress in your life, there are positive things you can do that will help you manage, if not diminish, the amount of stress you might be feeling.

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