The Causes of Stress:
It All Begins Here

Although there are many different causes of stress, we all have certain things that are unique and personal to each of us. Stress has the ability to bring out the positive or the negative in every situation. Once we recognize that stress is taking a turn for the worst, we are given the choice to react in ways that can bring peace and balance. However, many of us choose to react to stress in ways that are non-productive and self-defeating. Whatever you choose to do with your stress, it all begins here.

What causes stress?

Stress is a normal part of life and a normal emotion felt by all people. Stressors are life situations that provoke a stress response. Some stressors are good, such as having a baby, winning the lottery or even purchasing a new house or car. At the same time some stressors are bad, such as a death in the family or a divorce. Stress is created by our reaction to those stressors. Stress is the normal wear and tear our bodies and mind experiences as we adjust to life and things that are always changing in our environment. Stress has psychological and physical effects on all of us. It has the ability to cause negative or positive feelings depending on the our personal interpretation of the stressors in our life. How we react to stress is very important because it determines our emotional results. The causes of stress are different for everyone.

Types of Stress - Did you know that there are different types of stress? When you know what is causing your stress, you will have a better idea on the steps you can take to manage it. Which one applies to you?

What kind of stress do you have?

We all experience stressful events in our lives. No matter what is bringing us stress, there are helpful tips that will help us manage our stress better in those situations.

Here are some common reasons for stress that you might even recognize in your own life.

Work Stress - Whether it's the long hours, your co-workers or your boss, stress in the workplace is very common and can have a negative impact on your productivity as well as your health.

Family Stress - With family comes stress! I don't think anyone is immune to this one.

Marriage Stress - Marriage is hard work. It takes dedication, commitment and compromise to keep it healthy.

Relationship Stress - Most relationships have their challenges. What are yours?

Financial Stress - Money, or lack thereof, can create so many problems and along with those problems comes stress. Are you a problem solver or do you allow financial stress to swallow you up? The choice is yours.

Holiday Stress - Do the holidays make you cringe? Maybe it's the idea of running around, facing family members you don't like, or financial pressure. No matter what you are feeling, there are some simple things that can help you reduce your stress level during this season.

SAHM Stress - Are you a stay at home mom or dad? Choosing to stay home to raise your family is sacrificial but the payoff is great!

Caregiver Stress - Many times we are called to care for those who are challenged by injury, illness, disease, or even old age. Being a caretaker can bring tremendous amount of stress. Have a story of your own or good advice to share with others?

Chronic Illness Stress - Being sick with an illness or disease that is chronic is stressful. What helps you stay strong?

WAHM Stress - Are you a work at home mom (or dad)? Working at home while parenting brings some real challenging stressors! I've been there and I will share with you what I know and what has helped me.

Military Spouse Stress - Are you a military spouse? Being a military spouse brings real changes in life. As an experienced military spouse, I will share with you what I learned and what has helped me the most.

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